Strony z płatnym dostępem i z content marketingiem (streszczenie oferty w różnych językach):

Short presentation of E-service I and E-service II

E-service I includes the following domains: (the main website of Renata Kucharska Malarstwo i Ty company),,,,,

E-service II includes the following domains:,,,,

A common feature of the websites present in E-service I is that each of them has (or will have) some part of its content available for a small fee possible through the access to electronic payments implemented on the websites.

The common feature of the websites included in E-service II is that each of them is a thematic content marketing page, i.e. one which has (or which will soon have) the possibility of publishing – through the website owner – original written work (literary, scientific, pre-scientific) on a given topic, and within clearly defined framework, for a fee and/or free of charge. The rules of using both websites are explained (or will soon be explained) by the Regulations of e-services available at each of the above-mentioned websites.

E-service I provides (or is about to provide) – partly free of charge, partly for a fee – photo galleries of paintings and writings by Ms. Renata Kucharska, a short glossary of painting terms, a short painting course for adults (all this at and, then a short course about creating websites (at, as well as personal and other people's experiences in the field of healthy eating (at https:/ /

E-service II provides (or is about to provide) – also partly free of charge and partly for a fee – places for the publication of thoughts on the concepts proposed and defined in the Author's Dictionary of Terms and/or Additional Definitions (a, a place for the publication of reflections on issues related to the protection of human life and human dignity from conception to natural death, a place to publish women's thoughts on the subjects proposed on the website (at, a place to publish thoughts on mediation with an emphasis on the promotion of win-win mediation (at, as well as a place to publish reflections on the consecrated life in the Roman Catholic Church (at

I consent to the translation of the content of the above-mentioned websites for personal use, i.e. to get acquainted with the content, as well as for the needs of pre-scientific and/or scientific work.

Renata Kucharska